What is shapewear used for?

What is shapewear used for?

What is shapewear used for?

Showing off a shapely figure is every woman’s dream. With a well-proportioned and attractive figure, looking good in any type of outfit is easy. However, the truth is that all of us have not been blessed with a perfect figure to don any type of clothes. This is where Colombian shapewear comes into play. Women of all walks of life, with a variety of figures, can enjoy the clothes they love with the help of body shapers. You can wear any outfit you choose exuding all your inner confidence with our Moda Dulce shapewear. Our selection of high quality 100% Colombian shapewear will help you look and feel amazing. Here are our top reasons for what this amazing accessory is used for….


Boost confidence

Most women love to try out different styles of clothing. However, our wardrobe options might sometimes be limited due to our figure, affecting our self-esteem. With a body shaper from Moda Dulce you will worry less about how the design of a garment looks on you. If you want to look your best, exude confidence and turn heads while wearing a figure-hugging outfit, our AYLA girdle will do wonders for you. If you’re planning on attending a dinner party in a flowing sheer dress, having shapewear with high compression like our HEYDI model as your innerwear, will help you radiantly move with confidence.

Reduce waistlinine

 A woman’s beauty should never be measured by physical beauty only. But rest assured, with our shapewear you can have a figure that matches your inner beauty. If you want to achieve an hourglass silhouette, with our ALAYA waist cincher all attention will be drawn to your waistline. If you love to wear tight fitted dresses, wearing a cincher will allow you to wear any type of dress you want without worrying about your tummy. A medium compression or high compression one will create a better body proportion.


Enhances your bust

 As time progresses, our bust tends to begin to loose its firmness and sag down. The good news is that with a body shaper you can bring back that appeal, feeling both attractive and comfortable. Take our HENRIETA body shaper that not only enhances your bust, but also lifts your butt and shapes your waistline. It suits you comfortably while getting the look you want.


Helps with weight loss

Women today are well informed of the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle and staying within a healthy weight range. Apart from regular exercise and a healthy diet, a body shaper helps to motivate you and support your journey to loose weight and stay healthy by: instantly creating a better-proportioned silhouette, encouraging you to adopt a more balanced posture, and providing the support your body needs, even when you’re not actively exercising and regardless of your current weight.



Reduce cellulite visibility

 Wearing tight jeans and dresses may be a bold move for someone who has cellulite and bumps. As an accessory that helps achieve the figure you want, our STELLA short with medium compression, will make your dream of wearing those fitted stylish jeans a reality. Keep in mind to always choose body shapers that fit you well and make you feel comfortable and relaxed.



Now that you know some of the reasons that shapewear is used for, there should be no doubt that here at Moda Dulce we have the best selection of 100% Colombian body shapers to choose from! Remember that it’s all about you feeling comfortable and taking your confidence to the next level while achieving a gorgeous look. You might appreciate the emotional and health benefits of shapewear even more than enjoying a well-proportioned silhouette! Take a look at our complete shapewear collection here.


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