What is Compression Shapewear and Which Level Is Right For You?

What is Compression Shapewear and Which Level Is Right For You?

What is Compression Shapewear and Which Level Is Right For You?

Most women dream with achieving an ideal body shape or that perfect hourglass waist. Enter, shapewear. It can give any area of your body a slimmer, firmer look. Whether you want to cinch in your waist, add a bit of tummy control or give your butt the lift that it needs Moda Dulce’s shapewear garments are guaranteed for their quality and comfort. This means that they provide adequate compression and lift right where you need it, bringing you closer to the dream body you’ve always wanted. Our designs are discreet enough to work well under your everyday clothing, allowing you to smoothly integrate them into your wardrobe.

What is Compression Shapewear?

Compression shapewear is a foundation garment you wear under your clothing like underwear. The difference between compression garments and regular undergarments is that compression shapewear is used to smooth out the appearance of bulks and body fat underneath your clothing. Our shapewear comes in three levels of compression: low, moderate and high. These levels vary slightly on how firm, strong or tight in strength the specific shapewear is. Compression shapewear should always “give” or stretch in both directions and is most comfortable next to the skin given the compression silky smooth fabrics. At Moda Dulce we offer a great variety of compression shapewear made with amazing Powernet technology that perfectly adjusts to your body.


Which Level is right for you?

Low compression shapewear is ideal for everyday use. If you are looking to enhance your bust, tuck your tummy or achieve an hourglass waist, our TAYLOR and FLAVIA girdles are the perfect option. You can wear them under bodies and blouses for better tummy control.



Moderate compression shapewear is also good for everyday use but also provides more control on focalized areas. For maximum comfort and focused compression try our CONY Body. If you are looking for the extra benefit of correcting your posture, wear our VERO vest while reducing up to one size. You might also be looking to ‘keep everything in place’ and you can achieve this with our YANEI girdle that is also perfect for post surgery or post partum recovery.


High compression shapewear is the go-to level if you want to achieve an overall well proportioned body shape. Our DELCY short helps you achieve that dreamed body shape while lifting your buttocks. Wear it under jeans and pants. Or check out our DANNIA shapewear that allows you to enhance your body while providing maximum comfort, for an ultimate beauty booster!



Check out our complete compression shapewear collection here!

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