What do lift and shape jeans do?

What do lift and shape jeans do?

What do lift and shape jeans do?

Lift and shape jeans (a.k.a. butt lifters) are jeans that are designed to help lift your butt and hold it in a beautiful popping shape. While some butt lifting jeans only do this, many of them also give you tummy support, contour and highlight your best features, and slim your legs, hence the shape description. At Moda Dulce we simply adore Colombian jeans, specially butt lift jeans because they truly are the masters of enhancing and emphasizing that particular asset!

 Washed out high waisted colombian jeans

So you might be wondering what makes these specific attention grabbing butt lift pants different from a normal pair of jeans. Well, butt lift jeans use more fabric around the rear, which offers your butt more support and the jeans more structure, and they use special stitching techniques to highlight and enhance your shape. Ever heard of the term, heart-shaped butt? Enter Colombian butt lifter jeans! 

Many designs also use a stretchy fabric in areas they want your natural booty to sit, and to smooth your shape without creating unflattering bulges. It doesn’t matter how curvy, skinny or fit we are –a pair of stretch jeans will do us all great favors!


By using stretchy fabrics and a wide waistband, high waisted jeans work in harmony with your body and do their best to pull you in all the right places. Butt lift jeans come in a range of rises, but if you’re looking to be as comfortable as possible definitely go for a rise that reaches just below, or just above, your belly button.

High waisted jeans

Let’s sum up what lift and shape jeans do:

They enhance your natural assets. Take a look at our CATA JEANS that use your natural curves to create a fuller and rounder butt and tuck in any extra inches around your waist, hips and thighs.


They help hide the aspects of your body you don’t like. Check out our SEIDY JEANS in black that comfortably adapt to your skin, giving your butt that extra push, and embellish your hips with a lovely golden chain.

They give your butt a better shape. Our lovely GREICY JEANS with an anatomical waistband and washed out effect will highlight your rear while holding everything in place.



You’ll feel more confident. Try out our cropped GIANNA JEANS in a sexy green tone with camouflage detail for a true confidence boost.


They’re comfortable thanks to their stretchy material. Mold your hips and legs with our fitted KARIME JEANS that have a beautiful elastic detail.



Keep in mind that most of our styles are available in a plus size version so don’t worry about sizes. If you are looking for the best affordable, high quality, 100% Colombian lift and shape jeans you have come to the right place! Look at our complete collection here.


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